# "Perhaps most of all, though, you deserve to be okay. You deserve to know that a day in which you can just barely get out of bed because you are sad, or sick, or simply not ready to see the outside is not the end of the world. You deserve to know that moments of weakness do not make you fundamentally weak, only fundamentally human, and that sometimes we’re not going to be effusively happy, and that is okay."
Chelsea Fagan, What You Deserve (via live-a-life-of-liberty)

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- Ho passato la vita a guardare negli occhi della gente, è l’unico luogo del corpo dove forse esiste ancora un’anima. José Saramago by Partenope;V on Flickr.
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Guinevere Van Seenus in the Jil Sander S/S 1996 ad campaign shot by Craig McDean
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March 12, 2013. Snowing in Paris.
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Jeremie Martino - A Moment of Detente in the Life of a Painter (2010)